I am trying to figure out how to make an artboard automatically snap to the size of an image.

I know that you can draw a rectangle, then go to the Artboards window and choose "Convert to Artboards" from the flyout menu with the rectangle(s) selected. This does not work for images. The problem I have is that I have about 25 images that I've placed into an Illustrator document (buttons for the design of a site) and need to have them all be in their own artboards. Of course I could do this by hand but I was wondering, for future reference, if there is a way just select the image and have an artboard created to its dimensions.

I couldn't find an answer everywhere (all searches took me to how to make a rectangle an artboard, not an image).


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Use the Artboard tool (Shift+O) and double-click the image, the artboard size will snap to the image dimensions.

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    If you're trying to create an artboard on and existing artboard (it does have it's uses), you have to hold a modifier key. Shift, I believe. Dec 11, 2012 at 5:52
  • Thanks.I tried these tips,but still when exporting the artboard as svg, the image gets cropped.I have tried to untag the 'align to pixel grid' too,but it did not help. I have many artboards in my file because I am building an icon library.Can you recommend any other tricks for snapping the image to the artboard? Thanks in advance! !cropped svg
    – user33981
    Nov 24, 2014 at 15:12
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    Found I sometimes just needed to select what I wanted, then click on the Artboard tool, then choose Artboard menu on top's Presets drop-down menu -> "Fit to Selected Art"
    – yuvilio
    Apr 21, 2015 at 15:46

1) Open image in Illustrator 2) Object/Artboards/Fit to Artwork Bounds


In case you still havent got it. You just select the artboard tool and double click on the image. The artboard gets created automatically behind that image.:) and then for the next 24 images you just click once on them.

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