I just need to highlight embedded images on a white background, so I tried to set the stroke of the embedded images, but the Fill And Stroke option does nothing. How can I achieve this for a group of many images when drawing a rectangle manually around each of them takes too much time?

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If the embedded image is a raster image then you can't. Fill and stroke attributes can only be applied to vector objects.

A possible workaround is to apply an outline filter to the raster images.

  1. Select all the raster images (holding down Shift as you click each image will allow you to make a multiple selection)

  2. Do Filters > Morphology > Outline - adjust the sliders, choose a colour etc. Note: if changing the colour, you may need to deselect the preview and re-enable it for the preview to refresh.


enter image description here

Note also that the filter can be copied just like other style attributes. So, if you've applied it to one image, you can do Edit > Copy, then select another image and do Edit > Paste Style to apply the same filter.


Two more options:

  1. Pattern:
    • Select the image,
    • do Object > Pattern > Convert to pattern,
    • and apply the stroke afterwards.

The object will now be filled with a repeating pattern, but as long as you don't change the object's size or move the pattern handles, you won't see that.

  1. Additional Rectangle:
    • Select the image,
    • copy it to the clipboard.
    • Draw an arbitrary rectangle (without a stroke).
    • Edit > Paste Size > Paste Size (of the image to the rectangle).
    • Set a stroke on the rectangle,
    • and make it twice as wide as the border you need.
    • Select both rectangle and image.
    • Align them with Ctrl+Alt+keypad 5.
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    The use of a pattern is a really nice idea. I'd never have thought of that! +1
    – Billy Kerr
    Jan 20, 2020 at 15:18

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