Is there any way to fill grouped objects background in Illustrator?

Below is example how i want it, right now i simply just put white square behind them.

Here is example how i want it to look

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If you really don't want to create a second object for the background, you can use some Appearance Panel trickery to add one....

  • Group the lines
  • Add a new fill in the Appearance Panel
  • Move the fill below the Contents in the panel
  • With the Fill highlighted choose Effect > Convert to Shape > Rectangle
  • Set the Options for Extra Width and Extra Height to zero.

enter image description here

However, there's really little reason to not merely draw a box behind the lines to create a fill. Then merely group the lines and the box.


You're doing it right.

For a background to exist there, you need a separate white object in the exact same shape and size as your group.


The way you have done it with a rectangle behind the group is the way to "fill" behind a "group"- this is done often- you could also group the rectangle with the lines so they could easily be moved around together.

Alternately, you could combine the rectangle and the group of lines into a compound path (Object>compound path>make) so it is all one "object"- the disadvantage to this is that you would have a border around the entire shape which would be whatever your stroke color is- your example did not have this

enter image description here

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