I have problems with the Single Row/Column Marquee tools, selections they make disappear the moment I release the mouse button and often, but not always, the cursor changes to (sorry for the picture quality):enter image description here I reset the tools but it didn't help. "Regular" rectangle and circle marquee tools work as usual. Why is this happening and what should I do to make them work as expected?


This cursor means that you hover over an existing selection. I would check...:

  • if you have Show Selection Edges turned on (View > Show > Selection Edges)
  • if your whole canvas is not selected and you're not adding to an existing selection
  • if your zoom level is 100% or more (less than 100% may cause 1px selection edges to be lost due to edges interpolation, especially on zoom levels that are not 100/2^x like 66.7%, 83.471%, etc)
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  • The third option was the case, thanks a lot. – rp_photos Jan 25 at 15:23

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