I'm using Illustrator to make a mockup for flyer. I want to add a glitter effect on heading, but when I apply the grain effect, it becomes very pixelated, doesn't look good.

Here is example:
enter image description here

what I want is this(this one I created in Figma through scaling a glitter texture): enter image description here

Could you help me to understand how to create a good quality glitter texture in Illustrator? I have tried a lot of things, and now the only result I got is save the texture as pdf from Figma and then upload this pdf to Illustrator, but it also doesn't look very good for me.


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In the effects menu, select "Document Raster Effect Settings," and set the resolution to 300DPI. This should take care of the graininess, though I'm not sure if it will create a convincing glitter texture without some extra processing. You won't get the clumping and highlights like you see in your sample from Figma.

I would recommend generating a large texture graphic and importing it to Illustrator, using the text as a clipping mask on the image. Place the image in illustrator, and then place the text object on top of it. Select both the text and the image, and hit control + 7 (command + 7 on MAC) to create the clip.

Effect > Document Raster Effect Settings... Document Raster Effect Settings panel


I would suggest you don't use an effect in Illustrator for this, nor use Illustrator to create the texture itself.

Instead, find a good quality high resolution raster image of a nice glitter texture you like. Or alternatively make your own from scratch, using Photoshop or some other raster image editor.

Copy and paste it, or place it in Illustrator, and type some text on top

Select both text and raster image and do Object > Clipping Mask > Make


enter image description here

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