Centering multiple words on a path in relation to the segment that each word belongs to. I wish to do this in Illustrator.

Example (what is done so far):

I created a circle and divided it into 12 segments and gave each segment a color. Then I created another circle outside to give each color a label.

enter image description here Desired output:

To center the word for each color right above the color it belongs to (see yellow in the example).

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Do Object > Transform > Rotate on the text on the path, rotate it 30 degrees, press "Copy" to make the first copy. Press Ctrl/Command+D to repeat until you have all the text.

Edit the text with the text tool.


enter image description here


If you know you want each item equidistant, you can use tabs.

Merely select the type and choose Window > Type > Tabs from the menu. And set tabs to all be the same distance. And, of course, have a tab in the text between each item.

enter image description here

This keeps all the type on a path on the same circle, making editing easier at times.

You can also use the Paragraph Panel and set the type to Force Justify with simply a space between each word. This will evenly distribute the text on the path except between the first and last item.

enter image description here

To fix the first/last item issue, throw in a random character as the last item. Set the cursor right before it and change the kerning to compensate for the character. Then set the character's color to none.

enter image description here

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