I am putting multiple tables into my InDesign document, created in PDF format (using LaTex). The PDF are not rasterized. When I change the size of the frame, and rescale the graphic, the relative size of the font changes. How to I keep the same font size across all of my tables.

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InDesign treats linked/placed PDFs as if they are images.

You simply can not scale one aspect of a placed PDF while not scaling another.

Placed PDFs are seen as one object.
Any type within the PDF is not recognized as live type by InDesign.

If you want type sizes to remain consistent, you need to set your tables up in InDesign rather than linking to PDFs. Or, scale all the placed PDFs the same amount.

I'm not a Latex user, but you may be able to copy/paste the table text from Latex to InDesign and then configure table styles within InDesign to make the transition a relatively quick thing after the first table. This is often what I do when given Excel tables for use.

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