I have to turn about 500 PNG images to WebP format, however, I'm facing some difficulties in doing so using Adobe Photoshop.

Right now, I can import a single image into Photoshop, click File->Save As...->WepP but I obviously can't do that for 500 images and keep my sanity so I was trying out batch exporting using File->Export->Layers To Files but for some reason the WebP format is not present here.

I also tried File->Scripts->Image Processor but the WebP file type was not present there either

So now I'm confused as to how to batch export to WebP. Any tips and pointers would be appreciated!

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    Export and Scripts options are made to be working with specific formats and don’t know about any 3rd party plugins installed. You can probably create an Action for Saving As webp and use it on a folder/opened images – Sergey Kritskiy Feb 13 at 20:40

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