I need to create a horizontal and vertical dashed line. I used the paths tool and then I edit the line to do it dashed. The problem is that I set the two ends of the line manually and I cannot be sure if the line is perfectly horizontal/vertical. Is there a way to set the coordinate of the two points defining the line?

  • Have you tired configuring the grid, enable the grid, then enable snap to grid? It works with the pen tool.
    – Billy Kerr
    Commented Feb 15, 2020 at 10:57

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You can set guides, that will help you put the two extremities on the same horizontal/vertical line.

Another solution is to do a rectangle selection where the edges of the rectangle are the lines you want to create. Then either:

  • Edit>Stroke selection (with a dashed line)
  • Remove the unwanted parts (eraser)


  • Select>To path (makes a path with 4 points, where everything is perfectly horizontal and vertical)
  • Delete the sides and anchor point you don't need (Ctrl-Shift-click on them in the path editor)
  • Select>None (otherwise only half of the line will be drawn)
  • Edit>Stroke path (with a dashed line)

You can use Ctrl after you press Shift to use Angle Lock (which works at 15 degree increments). It works very nicely for vertical and horizontal lines.

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