I have an old TrueType font from 2003 that I have to clean up and there's no way to find out what was originally used to create it. I'm using FontForge to fix misaligned vertices so scaling the font doesn't show odd artifacts. Example of what I'm dealing with below.

Misaligned vertices

I've finally cleaned up everything, removed overlaps, and rounded to int, and when I export the font all the glyphs are fixed. Unfortunately, as a result of all that I'm experiencing an issue involving some sort of blurred artifacts after exporting. Example below with the capital "S" character.

before after

Just to be safe, I exported the font in FontForge without any changes, and even though it still looks a bit different, it does not have these artifacts. I've narrowed it down to happening after removing overlaps, but the glyphs aren't fixed until I've done that. Any ideas what could be going on here or how to fix it?

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    These aren't artefacts. It's anti-aliasing, and it's dependent on the software you use for rendering the font. – Billy Kerr Feb 21 at 1:06

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