This is a very specific question in reference to 3D object materials and textures, and I'm kindly asking for specific answers in return beforehand: I'm not looking for general advice in this question, as I'm well aware of the wide variety of potential solutions.

I recently purchased a fully styleable 3D model of car: enter image description here

that I'm using as an *.OBJ file within Photshop.

As the individual parts of the car are well structured I'm able to apply various textures and materials straight out of Photoshop:

enter image description here

All of the materials currently available to me a rather plastically and try to imitate real-life materials (metal, plastic, fabrics even grass) as close to reality as possible after the rendering.

I do however look for a way to achieve the resemblance of more illustrative / painting style such as here: duller reflections, different shading depth and less "plastic" optic.

enter image description here

While I'm aware of the fact that this an illustration and not a 3D rendering and that there would be multiple solutions to getting this desired style for the end result such as:

  1. Just having the car illustrated in a similar style
  2. Digitally painting over the 3d model to achieve the desired style
  3. Applying more or less well-done filters and Photoshop actions

I'm wondering if there is any 3d material of texture that would at least do 80% of the job in getting the rendering away from the super clean plastic-like optic more onto an illustration style rendering as an end result?


I wouldn't recommend to work with 3d in Photoshop: with anything beyond a put a cylinder for perspective you'll get grey hair in no time. I believe what you're looking for is NPR (Non Photo Realistic) rendering which can be achieved in different ways: from complex shaders to more simple matcaps and viewport filters. Here's an example from a free Blender (I've downloaded the model on BlendSwap)

Here's how the model looks in Material Preview render: I'm getting all the reflections and highlights you don't want.

enter image description here

However in Solid mode something interesting is happening:

enter image description here

By changing various settings of a viewport (MatCap and Cavity) I can make edges to pop more and change shading:

enter image description here

or make it almost flat:

enter image description here

And you can create your own MatCaps to get the effect you want:

enter image description here

All these effects are realtime, images can be rendered in any resolution and them composited in PS the way you want.

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  • Thank you very much for this precise answer accompanied by image proof - I will give this attempt a shot using blender! – ChrisBean Feb 26 at 12:09

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