I'm trying to create a irregular mesh shape in Illustrator, which has some mesh point filled with colors at center and all edge points with 0% opacity.

Considering the image attached. I want the cyan color to fade without the pink shade around it.

I tried turning the edge points to none in Appearance panel. But it's switching back to pink.

Please help me. Thanks in Advance. enter image description here

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Set the edge points to the same color as the center point, then lower their opacity to 0.

If you want a smooth one-color gradient, or mesh, when using opacity, the points or gradient stops should be the same color and only the opacity should change.

Basically you are currently asking the blend to morph between 100% Cyan and 0% Pink. So there's a middle area that is visible. You want to set the blend (mesh) to morph between cyan at 100% opacity to cyan at 0% opacity.

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