I am using Adobe Photoshop CS5 version 12.0

I try to add rectangle border bottom.

Example Image: https://i.stack.imgur.com/mnVfK.png

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    What rectangle? No rectangles in your example have bottom-only borders. Please edit the question to clarify. – Luciano Feb 27 at 12:05
  • like white rectangle and border bottom – kp86284 Feb 27 at 12:07
  • are you talking about borders (stroke) or a shadows? you have 2 white rectangles with shadows, is that what you're asking about? – Luciano Feb 27 at 12:10
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    Draw a line at the bottom. You can't add a "border" to anything short of 4 sides with Photoshop. – Scott Feb 27 at 12:10
  • Unfortunately there's no such feature. Think in terms of shapes... If you can draw a rectangle, you can draw that border too, by making a thin rectangle. — I'd likely duplicate the rectangle cmd+j then make it smaller with free transform cmd+t and change it's color. — Newer PS versions do allow you do add border to shapes sort of like you can in AI, but no option for individual sides. – Joonas Feb 27 at 12:10

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