I need to create dependency graph diagram for non-technical purpose - concept brainstorming. Tree diagram such as mind map doesn't meet my needs. Any software or web app you would recommend? Below are my needs:


  • stereotype/node type
  • (must have) unique name
  • support at least 200 nodes per diagram.

Connection between nodes

  • optional label
  • (must have) each node may have > 1 incoming and outgoing connections
  • for multiple connections out of a given node, they can be grouped by OR or AND (or mixed of both)
  • (bonus) for connections grouped by OR, they can be assigned with weightage number.

User interface

  • (must have) create diagram through GUI rather than scripting (doesn't have to be drag and drop, perhaps dialog is even better than drag and drop for complex diagram).
  • (must have) auto-align to improve readability of diagram.
  • subgraph can be collapsed/expanded.

(Bonus) A bit greedy for diagramming, able to answer query such as:

  • which are the nodes having high number of incoming/outgoing direct connections?
  • which are the nodes having high number of upstream/downstream dependencies?

--- updated 2/29

Highlighted must have functionality.


You could use almost any vector image editor to make such graphs. Inkscape (free and Open Source), Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, etc, etc. Or if these are too complex, perhaps something simpler such as LibreOffice's Draw application would suffice.

The only thing I can see which probably couldn't be achieved using vector image editors is the interactivity you want. These are something that would probably require coding on a web page.


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