if I already have a height and width of 1920 1080 then what is the setting that says Resolution "72" used for? I have not used adobe-photoshop in forever and I am just getting back into it. so sorry if this has been asked before. see picture below to explain what I am trying to ask.

enter image description here


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It tells how to convert your artwork to physical units. So essentially its how many pixels form an inch. If you design for print you should set it to 150-300 and type physical dimensions of your output (not pixels). If not leave it as 72.

For historical reasons 72 means value not set, which in turn means designed for a screen device. (Why 72? Adobes internal unit is a postscript point so 72 pixels per inch means one internal unit equals to one pixel which is nice if the unit is meaningless for you)

  • thank you for trying to explain this too my cave-man mindset of a brain :D Mar 4, 2020 at 16:49

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