At first, I thought it is the same font as code (i.e., SF Mono).

enter image description here

But the comparation(left: line number, right: code) above shows that they are not.

Then I searched for fonts like D-DIN, which is really close. enter image description here

However, it is not a monospace font. When I applied it on the website, it shows:

enter image description here

I guess it is a variant of D-DIN font, but anybody knows what font exactly it is?


It is the same font as the code – the code is in SF Mono, these numbers are in SF Pro Text.

SF Mono contains multiple versions of designs for some digits, and it's up to the application to decide what to use where. The design for the characters 0 and 1 can be changed separately by applying a different Stylistic Set:

Stylistic Set #3

Stylistic Set #4

which as such works in all OpenType aware software such as Adobe InDesign (no version number needed, this has always been possible).

The font SF Pro has more variations, including tabular (equally spacing) versus lining (proportional) digits, and it's the latter that causes the 1s in your screenshot appear spaced closer together.

OpenType features at work

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