In making stop-motion animation, I create large quantities of photos. Starting at the beginning. I used to go from picture to picture editing the entire video.

Some scenes I can batch edit. With simple edits this is all good but often in trying to get a certain look or effect I take an original picture and use it to create multiple layers. Each layer is edited separately and later joined together, often with varying amounts of opacity between layers.

This is a VERY VERY tedious and time consuming affair to put it mildly. In an hour long video there can be easily over 100,000 photos.

To speed the process up I create multiple copies of the original folder and all the photos inside. The photos in the folders only have numbers as names, the first photo is number 1 the second is 2 and so on. I then label each folder by the video's title plus the letters A, B, C, D,... . The "A" is the unedited video but each of the other letters represent a layer of editing.

Now here's my problem, I have not found any batch software or a method to join or merge and very the opacity of all the photos of the same name, but from at least two different folders and sending the new merged or joined photos to a separate output folder. At present I use a macro to do this but it is very slow.

How can I, in batch: merged or join two separate folders of pictures that have the same names inside into a third folder.

Note: I know there are some programs that let you join one constant image such as a watermark to a folder of photos. This is not what I am looking for.

  • I want to be able to join folder's "A" 1.Video-Title.png to folders "B" 1.Video-Title.png then sending the new joined photo to a separate output folder.
  • Then it join folder's "A" 2.Video-Title.png to folders "B" 2.Video-Title.png then sending the new joined photo to the separate output folder.
  • Then it join folder's "A" 3.Video-Title.png to folders "B" 3.Video-Title.png then sending the new joined photo to the separate output folder.
  • Then it join folder's "A" 4.Video-Title.png to folders "B" 4.Video-Title.png then sending the new joined photo to the separate output folder.
  • and so-on and so-on... to the end of the folders.

It does not have to be ".png" type of photo, it can be just about any of the popular ones used in HD photography.

Note: It's important that I can adjust the opacity percent of the joining process. To be clear I am talking about joining photos that are on top of one another or stacked. Not side by side.

I am not a programmer, but if you can think of a not too complicated way I can do this it would certainly be appreciated.

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