I'm looking for a pixel font which I'll use later on to convert/use on an lcd type of display and the maximum height is 7px.

I've started by checking out dafont's bitmap fonts, but it takes quite a while to test all of them. I've played with a few and I'm surprised to see only a few work well when set to a small size (7px max height). I was hoping someone might have had a chance to play with more and recommend them.

In the meantime I've started designing mine, just a few characters for a quick test/demo, but I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel when it's not needed.

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Joe Gillespie did some great micro screen font work under the MiniFonts moniker.
These are still available via MyFonts.

Silkscreen is a related design by Jason Kottke.


Lots of great pixel fonts at FontsForFlash.com


You can download some good pixel fonts from FontsBase.com


How about the X11 Fixed font? It comes standard with Ubuntu and is quite readable at 7px.


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