I recently got the Adobe Illustrator Software and have been enjoying it. My main problem is that when I use a Calligraphic Pressure Brush with 3pt Variety and try to erase the line, the line shrinks from its original size. I have searched and searched online to see if anyone else has found this and no luck. I tried using the path eraser tool for a good while but it is really tedious and annoying. If you need a video Example of what is occurring I can whip it up and share it.

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Unfortunately, that's the way Illustrator works.

In this specific case, I use the Scissors tool and I erase the unwanted path after. This method keeps the pressure variation.

enter image description here


If you don't need to edit the stroke after, and want to keep the shape, got to "Object" -> "Expand Appearance" and it will convert the strokes to an outlined vector shape. Before - line stroke After - Expand Appearance

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