I have 4 images, all with the same original background, every single one of them has writing somewhere in the picture, if compared 1 to 1, the only difference would be the writing, I wan't to extract the pieces of background from each of the images in order to build the whole background back.


if all the difference are substracted, it can be achieved the background without text (and no contant-aware fill):

What I managed to do, which is really bad and time consuming:

  1. Select -> Color range
  2. Select all color from text
  3. Select -> Modify -> Expand by 2 pixel
  4. Delete
  5. Merge all of them together

This will leave JPEG artifacts and also won't be a real substraction, there are probably a term for what I'm trying to do, but since I don't know how it is, I arranged this title.

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This can be achieved with a Stack.

  • Select File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.
  • Click Browse and select your images. Make sure to check Create Smart Object after Loading Layers.

Now your images have been stacked on top of each other and packed into a Smart Object.

  • Make sure the Smart Object is selected and select Layer > Smart Objects > Stack Mode > Minimum.

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