It's pretty straightforward. I've recently started teaching a large course (190 students), and this has forced me to teach using PowerPoint instead of a white board. The biggest issue I've faced with PowerPoint is that whenever I edit an equation on a slide, it simply removes all animations from the slide. (The text, etc. that were a part of those animations remain, but the animations themselves are gone.) This happens every time I edit an equation on a slide that also has animations. I frequently touch up equations for formatting reasons, etc. while reviewing my slides before class, and this has led to me not having the proper animations in class on multiple occasions. Is this an error on PowerPoint's part, or is this an option that I've somehow turned on? If the former, does anyone have an idea of how I can fix it? If the latter, how can I change the option to stop this? Thanks for your help!

Details: MS Windows 10 Pro (Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299) On a work-issued Lenovo ThinkPad X380 Yoga Laptop, Model 20LH0018US, x64-based PC Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 MSO (16.0.9126.2282) 64-bit (Account is issued via my employer)

  • Dont use Power Point – joojaa Mar 24 at 10:06
  • @joojaa, I use LaTeX for all my professional/research presentations, but I've already got the lecture material from last semester (the first time I taught this class) written up in PowerPoint. It's far easier for me to adapt what I already have in PowerPoint than to transition it all to LaTeX at this point (and time is of the essence since we're in the middle of switching all classes to online-only classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic). – Matt McMahon Mar 24 at 14:50
  • Power Point is very rarely (if ever) used by graphic designers, so while you can get an answer dont count on it being expedient. Ask on superuser or something. But Microsoft's office software are in general very fragile so what you get is usually what you get. – joojaa Mar 24 at 14:53

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