I can't find the Pixel Grid option like I would have in CS5. I just upgraded. Any ideas?

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View > Show > Show Pixel Grid

Note: The pixel grid is only visible when zoomed in on any document. You won't see it at 100% in most cases.


Another possibility, brought up by Lèse majesté, is OpenGL preferences. Do you have a video card which meets the minimum system requirements? If you view Preferences > Performance, under Graphic Processor Settings, are those enabled?

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    It's very unlikely that this is due to a fowled up installation. It's more likely he just doesn't have OpenGL/GPU-acceleration enabled. Dec 24, 2012 at 3:31

I had this same problem when I plugged in my external monitor. Restarting Photoshop fixed the missing Show Pixel Grid menu item.


Go into Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid, Slices... Then change some things in Grid, like Gridlines every {number} pixels

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    How does this solve the problem? Does the pixel grid option come back in the menu? Mar 19, 2014 at 21:35

I had this problem and what fixed it for me was going into Edit > Preferences > Performance and then changing my cache levels from 4 to 6, then simply restart.

Now i have the pixel grid option where as before I didn't. Happy PhotoShopping!

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Press Ctrl+H and it shall be solved. May be a few amenities re hidden by chance. I dont understand why I have to write such a long sentence when my answer ended in the first sentence. Strange criteria.


Click on Show Extras Options at the bottom of the tab, then check the Pixel Grid box.

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