Material design provides the following keyline shapes for icons:



But these come for rather big icons (192×192px).

What if one wants to design an icon that will specifically be used at 24×24px along with other material design icons (so it has to be stylistically similar):

  • can / should the above-mentioned keyline shapes be still used?

  • if yes, how are they adapted for smaller space? (proportionally scaled down / fewer shapes at smaller but still a multiple of 4px distance from the edges, etc.?)

P.S. https://material.io/resources/icons/ — do you believe these are made with a grid but without keyline shapes?

Thank you

  • I don't believe this is made clear anywhere in the Material Design guidelines. Presumably because it's such a small grid that it'd be hard to tell. Use your eye to judge if they are stylistically similar. – Zach Saucier Mar 29 at 15:30

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