I wanted make a custom font which I could use in my app. The bottom right circle should be a lock-icon. After finishing it, I used the Fontself extension to create a glyph which I could use in my app. The font itself was exported as .ttf format. The icon itself is displayed but the bottom right icon looks like this in my app:

I am relatively new to Illustrator and thought I could just create a white circle, put the lock icon onto it to simulate a rounded corner cut this way (or what ever it is called).


TTF fonts can't have different color elements; all fills are going to show up as black.

You have to actually cut out that white circle from the object below using boolean operations (intersect for example) then you have the hollow circle with the arrow on top. Don't use extra colors in your file.

  • When I place the object below on top of my clipbaord, how could I achieve the "cut out" effect which I got with the white circle underneath it? Any suggestions? – Armin Mar 31 '20 at 12:13
  • @Armin helpx.adobe.com/xd/help/combine-mask-objects.html as I said, use the white circle for this operation. – Luciano Mar 31 '20 at 12:15
  • Thanks a lot for putting me into the right direction. I did it. Wasn´t that hard actually... – Armin Mar 31 '20 at 12:47
  • glad to help! :) – Luciano Mar 31 '20 at 15:36

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