I need to identify the font used on the following image. The characters in the image are "jengibre" without the quoting marks enter image description here


I sometimes take pity on font ID questions (despite our clear guidelines around them) when it's clear that the font in question will have provided huge challenges to match in the typical rota of online font match tools - and super-connected script fonts often are a real pain to match with those tools.

This is one of those, without a doubt.

In this instance, one has to take literally the advice shown on all the various match-your-font-by-uploading-an-image pages: if your font has connected letters, use image-editing tools to separate them.

That all said - I feel pretty sure I have IDed the correct font.

enter image description here

Playscript Font on FFonts

Next time, try using an image-editing tool to separate the letter forms - it really does the trick.

Hope that helps.

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