I use Inkscape 0.92 and frequently use the "resize page to content" tool (see snapshot below) with the same values for the margins. Naturally, I would like to be able to simply set a default value for the margins. Is that somehow possible?


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Yes it's possible.

  1. In your Inkscape program directory, find the templates folder, and open the file named default.svg

  2. Go into File > Document properties

  3. Change the margins in the resize page to content section.

  4. Close the document properties

  5. File > Save, and then quit Inkscape

Now when you open Inkscape again, the default template will have the margins you set previously.

  • Better add that file into the user configuration directory's 'templates' subdirectory. It's not recommendable to modify installation files.
    – Moini
    Apr 3, 2020 at 18:31

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