I have a few orange lines that I have drawn in sketch. I would like to combine them into one shape and use something like a "paint bucket" tool to fill the whole object with the light sand color. enter image description here

I saw this question (Sketch: Adding color fill between connected objects.) with a similar issue, but the solution of using Union + Flatten doesn't work for me. When I try to combine the lines with the Union tool it creates all these extra unwanted lines:

enter image description here

Does anyone know why it is adding all these additional lines and how I can simply combine the lines into one shape and fill it?

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high level steps

  1. duplicate your linework group to create the fill layer (make sure all paths overlap)
  2. to create fill layer - convert to outlines > union > flatten > ungroup > union > flatten
  3. overlay your linework over the fill layer

enter image description here


All those extra lines are coming from Sketch closing the paths. All those shapes are just paths which are "open" because they don't complete.

This is a good round up of what paths look like and how they act in Sketch:

One way you could solve this without trying to flatten and combine all your paths is:

  • Group them
  • Create a style that uses the appropriate fill (and border if necessary)
  • Apply that style to the paths

This might not be the result you're looking for, but hopefully it's a shortcut to what you want.

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