I am looking for a way to do citations in Adobe InDesign, preferably without footnotes. I'm planning to write a document similar to a bachelors or masters theses. Therefore, it would be awesome to have an option to define a specific format e.g. IEEE for citations, so they are consistent throughout the document.

In case you know Tex, I am looking for such a functionality, but since I am planning to do a lot of designing I think that InDesign is better suited for the overall task of writing a academic document.

  • You'd be better off writing with a writing tool such as Word. There are different citation tools for it, and when you're done writing you can flatten everything into flat text (highly recommended as my experience with custom fields importing in InDesign is ... erratic) and only use InDesign for what it's designed: final layout of the document.
    – Jongware
    Apr 9 '20 at 19:30
  • Ok i will research on how to export from word and import into InDesign. Makes sense that InDesign is better on the designing part of creating a document ;)
    – Jens
    Apr 10 '20 at 2:53
  • I wrote my BA and MA theses directly in InDesign. To me, the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, but citations are indeed a major drawback – I wrote and kept track of all my inline citations manually. Only the actual bibliography was created automatically using a reference manager, inserted into an empty Word document and then placed in InDesign. Someone was working on an InDesign plug-in for Zotero, but I don’t think it ever materialised. Apr 11 '20 at 10:29

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