I was recently introduced to a set of Photoshop brushes that cleverly use the Foreground/Background Jitter (jittering between the foreground and background colors) to create a fur texture quickly. I've been trying some ways to do this in Corel, but the closest I've managed so far requires making a new custom gradient every time I switch colors. Does anyone know if there's some similar capability in Painter that I am missing?

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I have since learned the trick to this. If you use the Image Hose brush, you can tell it to jitter between the Main and Additional color.

To adjust the color of image hose elements

  1. In the Color panel, double-click the Additional Color swatch.
  2. Choose a color from the Color dialog box.
  3. On the property bar, move the Additional Color slider.

You can also vary the additional color that is mixed with the nozzle images by moving the Additional Color Jitter slider on the property bar.

This will require a bit more work for the import of the Photoshop brush because you will have to export it as an image, and then import that image for the Image Hose.

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