One of my favorite keyboard shortcuts in Sketch is the duplicate items cmdd as explained here. In Adobe XD the same option is available, however it duplicates the items in the exact same position as the master item.

Is there a keyboard shortcut where I can do the same in XD as I can do in Sketch?


The duplicate functionality you're describing does not exist in XD. However, the easiest two options for easily duplicating objects are the Repeat Grid feature, and using the Alt + Shift shortcut.

Repeat Grid

Select the object and then enable Repeat Grid (Ctrl + R). Note that items in the repeat grid are linked, meaning that any change to an object within the repeat grid will also apply to the others.

repeat grid

Alt + Shift

Hold and drag the object while pressing Alt + Shift. If you're working with more than 2 objects that require the same padding/margin, you will see helpful guides that let you snap to the same spacing. I personally find this method to be the fastest and most efficient.

alt shift

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