I've got a PDF document I've imported into Inkscape as a raster image with poppler/cairo import. The document has text and mathematical equations and I want to copy parts of it into a another Inkscape document. When I try to select some text and copy it into it, it seemingly changes font, size and adds lots of spaces between the letters.


enter image description here

Turns into this enter image description here

How do I copy this without it changing? If I import internal import or the vector alternative, the text and mathethematics loses it's formatting/font which I want it to retain.

  • You can't edit or copy text in Inkscape which has been rasterized. Inkscape is a vector image editor, not a raster image editor. Also rasters don't contain editable text anyway - they are just images made of pixels. You might have more luck using something like Scribus to edit a PDF. Try that. Obviously, there may still be font or formatting issues, so I can't promise it will work. – Billy Kerr Apr 13 at 16:21
  • I know, I don't want to edit anything, I just want the image of the text. I'm making a collage :) If I import it as a vector image, I lose all the formatting and font of the text, which I would like to keep for artistic purposes. – generic purple turtle Apr 13 at 17:42
  • Do you have access to the original source file? If so, it might be better to convert all objects including text to outlines. – Billy Kerr Apr 13 at 17:58

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