While editing svg fonts for displaying within linux's KDE, I've encountered a problem. I'm using Inkscape to preview the file while editing the svg files by hand (don't judge, I'm quite adept at HTML/XML/CSS, but have only used Inkscape for 24 hours).

The svg font files I'm dealing with require the inclusion of multiple icons, each with a distinct id. Because many of the icons are similar, I've created their parts within a <def> with the intention of rendering them later with <use>.

KDE will not correctly render the icons when xlink:href is used, but is perfectly fine when the newer standard href (without xlink) is used. However, Inkscape will not render the icons when href without xlink is used. This seems strange to me since xlink was dropped years ago. My Inkscape version is compiled from git master branch.

Is there a way to configure Inkscape to render correctly, or can somebody recommend an alternative GUI for arch linux?

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