I understand the difference between kerning and tracking, but is there a term for the space between words. For example, I have a document in which the spacing in the line of text is so tight, that it is difficult to read. So, I'd like to increase the space between words for legibility.


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It's called "word spacing" in most software. Not all text programs offer it, but layout programs typically have min, max, and average settings for word spacing. These are either program-wide, document-wide, or style-level settings. Some may offer it at paragraph level.


It is actually called "tracking" in proper Typography terminology, and "word spacing" for the rest of the world : ). If you tighten it up, words start to jumble on top of each other. Loosen it too much, and you might end up with a text which is difficult to read. What tracking does is modify the sidebearings of all letters in a given text. Sidebearings are the blank space to both the left and right of every glyph in a given font, and it is normally defined by the type designer.



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