I'm creating Supplement Facts panels for food packaging - I'd love to have a style set up for my ingredients. Instead of painstakingly placing all the underlines. Is this possible?

example of ingredient panel

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    I'm not sure everyone here will agree, but in my experience styling like this is much easier in InDesign where Paragraph Styles can have Paragraph Rules or you can make a table instead of tabbed text.
    – Wolff
    Apr 15 '20 at 21:47
  • @Wolff agreed. Unfortunately, the existing label files place the .ai supplement facts artboards inside of InDesign. This is both good & bad - because it is really helpful to see the panels all lined up for continuity purposes - but it's painful to edit. Apr 16 '20 at 23:28

I would, personally, do this with InDesign.

But, it can be done with Illustrator... a bit cumbersome though. And each line of text needs to be a separate object.

  • Add a new fill to the type object via the Appearance Panel and move it below the Characters
  • With the new fill highlighted in the Appearance Panel, choose Effect > Convert to Shape > Rectangle and enter zeros and hit OK.
  • Then choose Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform and reduce the vertical scale and vertical positioning to adjust the underline....

enter image description here

enter image description here

For different weights of lines you merely adjust the Transform options...

enter image description here

Save various configurations as Graphic Style to "quick apply" the same underline to other objects.

Again, each line of text needs to be an independent object. So, while this would work, it's not ideal.

Setting this up in InDesign is much more straightforward and allows for more control as a table. You can always export an InDesign file as a PDF/EPS and open that with AI if necessary.

  • @LisaMartin it would be nice if you marked this answer correct if it solved your problem.
    – Scott
    Sep 13 '20 at 21:28

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