I have two Inkscape figures a, b.

In figure a there are mostly lines and text and when I save it as eps file it works nicely (like I can scale and zoom to see details and it is not pixelated) but in figure b, I have filled areas with some colors and when I save this in eps format it seems like the figures get pixelated (upon zooming) it gets blurred. But when I save it as pdf file then it seems scalable but then the text in the shaded areas and the shaded area itself becomes a blur, I am a bit confused

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    EPS does not support transparency so the exporter may choose to rasterize those parts instead to preserve appearance. But also may be a issue with whetever viewer you choose to view the EPS file. Bite that the EPS support of inkscape is quite bad. – joojaa Apr 16 at 5:58

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