I'm trying to replicate a drop shadow effect displayed here, but can't seem to get it right.

The project has this section which seems to explain how to perform the effect, but I feel I'm doing something wrong with the mode of the drop shadow, as the black always seems to dominate, or the white doesn't 'pop' enough.

enter image description here

Would somebody be able to explain how to replicate this effect in Adobe Illustrator?

Thanks in advance!

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It would be done the same way you would make it in CSS, just by adding another drop shadow to the path.

Just apply your drop shadow (Effect → Stylize → Drop Shadow) and then repeat the steps - only this time you have to inverse the direction of your drop shadow.

(Illustrator will ask you to confirm that you are re-applying the same effect.)

If you want the white to pop more, just increase the opactiy (make it less transparent) and decrease the opacity on your darker color.

Also, because it is a light colored background, I had to change the blending mode on the white from multiply to normal.

This is a quick sample I managed to produce in Illustrator


Here's the Illustrator File you can check out to see how I accomplished it.

  • Note, in my sample - I did not follow the directions mentioned in their image.
    – Welz
    Apr 24, 2020 at 15:17

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