I've been trying to accomplish in InDesign something along the attached screenshot.

I've a 3-columns indesign file and will like to add a block (either an image or a table) like the one in the attached example.

I'm trying to find for an automated (or relatively simple) solution as I will have to add it in many places along a biiiiggggg file and would like to try and avoid any method that requires a lot of manual modifications.


  • Your question is gaining close votes as it's a bit unclear what you are asking. If I understand you correctly there are different ways to accomplish what you want. Either have those blocks in separate frames with text wrap or apply span columns to the paragraphs you want to take up more than one column. If you use the last solution you need to know about anchored objects too.
    – Wolff
    Apr 29, 2020 at 17:24

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The Text Wrap feature in InDesign works great for this:

As its name suggests it allows you to specify how you want text to wrap around objects (other text frames, images, shapes) that you place over an existing text frame.

The Text Wrap Panel

You can find it here: Windows/ Text Wrap

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