I need to put a 1 point empty box around an image in Photoshop for a file that is 600 dpi.

No matter what I try, I can get the line to look right.

How many pixels should I use?

  • In all Adobe applications 1 point = 1 pixel – Scott Apr 27 '20 at 2:27

One inch equals 72 points. The resolution of your image is 600 pixels per inch. So one point in your particular image is:

(600 pixels/inch) / (72 points/inch) = 8.33 pixels ≈ 8 pixels

But you don't have to do the math yourself. Most input fields in Photoshop accepts numbers with units. So if you for example make a selection, right click and select Stroke, you can enter 1 pt in the Width field and Photoshop will automatically change the value to 8 px.

Since you want to make a stroke with a certain physical width I assume this is for print. Be advised that it might not be a good idea to add such a stroke directly in the image. The image might be placed in a layout program and resized slightly which will alter the width of the stroke. Additionally a stroke in an image will probably get screen dots along the edge on print and seem a little blurred. It's better to add strokes like that in a vector layout program where the stroke will be sharp vector and isn't dependent on the scale of the image.

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