Is there way to see bounding box for every selected object individually?

Example: Right now i can only see individual bounding box for text only, but i want to be able select multiple objects and see their bounding box.

enter image description here


The second best option would be to use the crop marks effect.

Select all your objects and go to Effect → Crop Marks.


This will add crop marks around each item and since it's an effect, you can easily hide/remove them all at once using the Appearance Panel (Shift+F6).

It isn't the best solution, but it's a quick and simple workaround.

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    +1 you inspired me to find a workaround :) – Scott May 20 '20 at 17:52

No. The bounding box encompasses all selected objects. The Bounding Box is not meant to be a tool for positioning and measurement. Use guides and align your circles that way if necessary.

What you are most likely seeing around the text is the area type box not the bounding box. While similar, they aren't quite the same thing.

If you want a quick and easy rectangle to see where the corners would fall for circle objects, you can...

  • Add a new Fill via the Appearance Panel
  • Highlight and drag the new fill below everything else
  • With the new fill highlighted, choose Effect > Convert to Shape> Rectangle
  • In the dialog box add Extra width and Extra Height to match the stroke weight of the object.

enter image description here

That'll give you a solid rectangle and you can see the square the circle occupies. You can then merely remove the extra fill when you are done.

  • Thanks for answer, basally there is no such function, i will use then guides – Staker May 2 '20 at 13:16

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