I am working on a video game level editor, here you have a wireframe rendering that shows various properties, each having a unique color but it's hardly clear to be honest:

enter image description here

Now if I zoom in, things are more clear, base is gray, floors are semi-white, walls are semi-black:

enter image description here Somehow I managed to get a bit of clarity, I render features with different sizes:

enter image description here

But as a pile things up, things start to look really terrible:

(okay, this is one is fully zoomed out so I'm not expecting the clearest render but still)

enter image description here

Obviously I can turn things off at will, but it's more about finding a pleasant color scheme:

enter image description here

Picking good colors for clarity is something I found more difficult than it sounds !


What's a good approach to pick colors for thin lines that'll be rendered very close to each other?


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