My dock looks like this (It contains the dialogs on the right of Inkscape):

enter image description here

Is there a keyboard shortcut that will show and hide it. We have the dialog shortcuts here:


Also if we are only looking at a specific toolset dialog, like Align and Distribute. How do we hide that dialog using the keys?

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    F12 toggles show/hide dialogs. It's shown on the page you linked to. There's no shortcut for hiding individual dialogs.
    – Billy Kerr
    May 11, 2020 at 21:54

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Dialog shortcuts

Closing the dialog (which is what the OP requested)

  • F12 toggle the dialogs dock
  • from within the dialog you can close a specific dialog (for example the "Align" dialog) with ctrl+W or ctrl+F4

Other useful shortcuts:

  • Shift+Ctrl+F Fill and Stroke
  • Shift+Ctrl+M Transform
  • Shift+Ctrl+W Swatches
  • Shift+Ctrl+T Text and Font
  • Shift+Ctrl+L Layers
  • Shift+Ctrl+A Align and Distribute
  • Shift+Ctrl+O Object Properties
  • Shift+Ctrl+H Undo History
  • Shift+Ctrl+X XML Editor
  • Shift+Ctrl+D Document Preferences
  • Shift+Ctrl+P Inkscape Preferences
  • Shift+Ctrl+E Export to PNG
  • Ctrl+F Find
  • Shift+Alt+B Trace Bitmap
  • Shift+Ctrl+7 Path Effects

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