I have a Wacom Intuos with a Wacom pro pen with 4096 levels of sensitivity. I've always had trouble making my lines' intensity vary. What am I missing here? I know there's supposed to be a graph where I can adjust this in the Wacom Desktop center, but I can't find it. Is my Wacom tablet just incapable of supporting that much line intensity? (I'd imagine the settings were in Photoshop, not tied to my pen or the tablet, so I've been very confused.)

I want my lines to look like the ones in this video at 2:04. Here's how my lines look: enter image description here


  • I cant say for certain, but your image looks like it has both size and opacity set to pressure. You may want to merely turn of opacity (transfer) in the Brush Dynamics within Photoshop. -- I didn't sit through the 11 minute video to try and figure out what you are referring to there.
    – Scott
    May 16 '20 at 23:55
  • Something is definitely off. I've worked with this video before and my intuos is older and my lines are thicker. Have you set the pressure in your device configuration? It might be the brush used is too small. Hard to say without seeing your configuration.
    – curious
    Oct 16 '20 at 5:18

Using pen is about experience too, and smoother lines will come with practice, even when you try to vary pressure intensity within your lines.

In the video, like Scott said, there is no opacity variation, you can un-check the transfer option. You can also try to put the spacing to 0 in the "Brush tip shape" options. Finally having a bigger brush in size let photoshop have more room to influence the levels of intensity.

(sorry if my english is kinda hard to read, not my native language)

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