I have a svg spritesheet which I have sliced equally using the slice tool. Bird_Sprite

This is what the layers are Sprite_Layers

Now, all I want is to be able save each frame as separate svgs. So I am hoping get 10 svgs each containing a single slice. Is there any clever way to do this in Illustator other than manually selecting a group and save and so on.

Thank you in advance.


This can be done with Artboards and not slices. Slices is an old tool of webdesign, not for what you need here imo.

If you place each group in a different artboard, and all artboard have the same size (like you did with the slice) when you hit save as ... you have a checkbox to follow the Artboard and save multiple files (SVG or not) in a folder, one for each artboard.

Sorry if my english is not perfect, not my mother tongue.

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  • It worked. Thanks. – smpa01 May 20 at 17:24

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