I'm doing up a document in the style of the earliest printed documents. For this, I need to find a blackletter font that supports long s « ſ » and r rotunda « ».

Are there any such fonts out there?

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The long s 'ſ' can be found in many blackletter fonts, but the r rotunda '' seems to be very rare. There are several blackletter fonts by Peter Wiegel (Cat Fonts) that contain both glyphs and are for free:

  • Rotunda Pommerania
  • Berthold Mainzer Frkatur UNZ1A
  • Blankenburg UNZ1A
  • Fette UNZ Fraktur
  • Schwaben UNZ1A

Of these, Rotunda Pommerania comes closest to the blackletter type used in that incunable in Wikipedia. It's called rotunda (German: Rundgotisch – 'round Gothic'). However, Pommerania doesn't seem to have a standard 's'. You should also refer to the ReadMe files for infos on input (e.g. type '&' for the 'ꝛ'), since the fonts are not in OTF.

Download page: http://www.fontspace.com/peter-wiegel

Both characters are also in:

  • UnifrakturCook
  • UnifrakturMaguntia

(They are also featured by Google Webfonts.) Download page: http://unifraktur.sourceforge.net

More blackletter fonts featuring the r rotunda are downloadable via Peter Wiegel's own website: http://www.peter-wiegel.de/fonts2.html

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