I watched some Inkscape tutorials, and came across a wonderful feature in Inkscape to quickly change thickness of a path or an object by hitting CTRL + 0 and CTRL + 9. But I've searched all over the internet, searched in Preferences -> Interface -> Keyboard Shortcuts and I haven't found anything regarding this feature.

From my understanding, these shortcuts make the object bolder or thinner by approximately 1 pixel. But in some cases, I'd really love to change the step value of this operation, so instead of making object 1 pixel bolder, I make it 0.5 pixel bolder.

So my question is, how is this feature called, and how do I adjust the value which used to perform the transformation.

  • idk Inkscape at all, but often this type of feature can be *10 by holding Shift or Alt at the same time. – Tetsujin May 27 '20 at 16:47

The shortcuts you seem to be talking about are for Outset Ctrl+) and Inset Ctrl+(, which also happen to be located on the 9 and 0 keys. Outset and Inset can also be found under the Path menu item in the main menu along the top. You need to have a path or object selected for it to work.

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