so I'm a bit lost right now to be honest. I took a long hiatus from design generally, due to personal reasons/burn out.

However, I find myself drawn back to it, for different reasons. I have a portfolio of work, but I don't send it out to clients anymore, and when I have it hasn't got much responses.

I'm under no illusion that this is great. But I would like some pointers on the work shown, what you like what you don't like?

  1. Areas to improve.
  2. Good points.
  3. Any resources to look at.

logo development #1 : baby-bright - initial idea(s)

logo development #2 : baby-bright - coloured variations

logo development #3 : selection and finesse

mock-ups with logo/visual style


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I hope you're doing well 🙂 I m a complete graphic design newbie with no Portfolio yet. But i can tell thay what you're showing above is not a Portfolio. It looks more like a "confusing" process .

Portfolio should contain your best work, if you don't have many then at least put in one complete project.

Someone asked for my portfolio last day and i don't have it. And since i don't have much time to build a perfect one, i m planning to send him one project with : - logo + brand identify & stationary in mockups - landing page template + social media visuals

I think you can start it from beginning.

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