enter image description hereHow to export a PNG file of a logo at a specific pixel dimension in illustrator? I exported many times but none keeps the ratio right. I want the logo to be exported as PNGenter image description here in square size. I took the artboard according to that. but my PNG gets stretched/reduced.

  • Only time its the same size as in illustrator is of you export at 72ppi – joojaa Jun 3 at 18:40
  • they gonna use it on their publication. 72 PPI will deteriorate the quality? right? – Suraiya Abedin Jun 3 at 19:00
  • If it's for a publication why are you using PNG rather than supplying a vector file? PNG is typically an inappropriate format for print. – Scott Jun 3 at 20:32
  • I am going to submit the vector file. PNG in a specific format (1200 px x 630 px ) is what they ask for. I submitted the original PNG( export as). but I do not know how to get one in that specific size – Suraiya Abedin Jun 4 at 0:16
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    PPI is not a quality metric. Number of pixels are. 1200px by 630px at 72ppi and 1200px by 630px at 300ppi is the exact same image. Now illustrator is designed to use physical dimensions. So it only makes sense to change the PPI value if you definid the image to be some physical size such a cm or inches. Pixels can not really live side by side as units to physical dimensions. – joojaa Jun 4 at 5:04

If you need a file 1200x630 px... Why are you making a square-proportion design?

You could export it, let's say, as a 1200x1200 px file, or 630x630px or whatever, but of course they WILL stretch the file.

Make an artboard on a new file with the correct proportion and decide what will happen to your design inside that file, if it is stretch, do it yourself, if it is a crop, then crop it yourself.

Illustrator has a deficient export dialog box, but you simply need a file on 1200x630px so using the export dialog at 72ppi will export the file at those px dimensions.

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  • i love to experiment. when 1200 px x630 px didn't work I tried it for square, circles... etc. Example I shared came from that. Scott's suggestion worked. read posts in adobe forum. illustrator cant do it. photoshop can. Thank you . – Suraiya Abedin Jun 5 at 3:15

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