enter image description hereenter image description heregradient annotator is not appearing suddenly. any suggestions?

what I had done so far-

reinstalled illustrator. (am using illustrator 2020) , restarted PC.

but nothing changes. activating gradient if I move my mouse A no-access sign with a doted plus appears each time. :( please help.


You have the stroke highlighted in the Gradient Panel.

enter image description here

The Gradient Annotator does not work or appear for gradients on strokes.
The annotator will only appear for fills.

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  • OH MY GOD! it came back! Thank you so much! wasted hours on this... – Suraiya Abedin Jun 5 at 19:14
  • yes, I have outlined all those strokes now the gradient bar is appearing. I didn't know this. Thanks. – Suraiya Abedin Jun 5 at 19:16
  • Hello, would you please see this?? I have attached another picture. but my gradient bar is not appearing here. I have selected the fill and outlined all stroked, but still, the bar is not showing. what is happening now? – Suraiya Abedin Jun 12 at 11:47
  • @SuraiyaAbedin The annotator doesn't appear on compound shapes either. (Shapes with "holes" in them.) You don't need the annotator. All adjustments can be made in the Gradient Panel. – Scott Jun 12 at 11:59
  • Thank you @scott. oh god... so many things yet to learn... :'( – Suraiya Abedin Jun 12 at 12:25

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