I have a couple of edges in urdu I want to convert into strokes to make it more like handwriting. How can I convert a series of shapes into a stroke?

I tried taking a screenshot and using trace bitmap to do a centerline trace, but it wasn't as precise as I would like:

Raw image Vector shape by tracing edges Stroke by using center line autotrace, but still not good enough. Its missing many of the dots and the strokes are disjointed

The urdu script says "ingraizi" or "english".

  • You could try tweaking the options for the centerline tracing, to get a more detailed result. However, to me, the result looks quite good already. If you make the stroke wider, would it look better to you? I don't read Arabic / Urdu scripts, so I cannot really judge this.
    – Moini
    Jun 7 '20 at 1:14

This is the result I got by copy/pasting انگریزی into GIMP using the Text Tool with Sans font type, black font color and 48 font size.

enter image description here

Then I used the Shear Tool with Shear magnitude of X = 7 and Shear magnitude of Y = 0 to give it a slanted effect that looks more like handwriting. I also made it look more like handwriting by randomizing the spacing between the letters.

enter image description here

To save the resulting .png image as a vectorized image, open it in Inkscape and select the image -> select Path -> Trace Bitmap -> click the OK button, drag the vectorized image out of the canvas, delete the original .png image in the canvas, drag the vectorized image back into the empty canvas, and then select File -> Save As… and save it as SVG.

  • Thank you! I’ll try that technique, however it needs to be in a vector format. The reason is that I’m feeding in the vectorized result into a drawing machine to write it on a real piece of paper.
    – Imran Q
    Jun 8 '20 at 2:48

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