I forgot how to resize an image... I did look this up in the Help section, but was not able to find what I needed.


Click on the image to select it, click & drag from any of the corners, holding SHIFT if you need a proportional resize.

enter image description here

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  • Note those "hidden tools" are not present in AI8 (If the user actually means 8). They were added at CC2014. – Scott Jun 17 at 16:42

Ensure View > Show Bounding Box is on. Then merely click a corner handle and move it to resize an object.

The Bounding Box was a new feature in AI8 (circa 1998).

Or you can use the Scale Tool or simply double-click the Scale Tool in the tool bar to resize.

You can also use the menu -- Object > Transform > Scale

Or the Free Transform Tool, merely select the tool, grab an handle and move it.

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